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Don't sell stuff...Be the content!

"Content is King!". What does this really mean to someone who doesn't own the New York Yankees or Viacom? Successful direct marketing is about becoming the content expert or the domain "go-to source" for a category or product vertical. Can you translate a one time sale (and the affinity of that new customer) into repeat sales like Amazon or E Bay? YES, but you have to think of the "first sale" as the start "not the end"  of a lifetime relationship and stop playing the "Hula-Hoop" DRTV  game!




Here are a few tips from a direct marketing warrior who decided he was tired of looking for the "next big thing" because it was the "only thing" after the last big project died. A few principles that will transform you from a "Hula-Hoop" marketer to a "Content King" with large recurring revenues:


  • Continuity is not just in a pill or cream:  Your database of customers when nurtured can provide revenues year after year for your new offers...And, they get cheaper and cheaper to market to the more times your customer buys from you (the beauty of diminishing marketing costs that the content kings cherish!). 
  • Sell information/solutions not stuff: The more solutions you offer the more they return for more and customers become less price sensitive over time...exploding sales and margins. For example, catalogs are another form of continuity and most  have spent millions $$$ to  build their house lists...But, most DRTV companies throw their customers away by stop marketing to them after the first sale.
  • Draft off other content kings : The I-Phone is a content king and a domain leader, so if you sell solutions or applications that work with Apple's I-Phone you win...Over and over again!
  • Remember the power of RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value): The bottom line is that the most recently a customer bought from you, the more times they have bought from you and the more they spent with you...The more likely they are to buy the next time they see your offer. 
  • Don't outsource your key value proposition : Be the expert of your domain which includes product development, communication, multi-channel interactions and customer service. So, stay in constant contact with your customers.... Offer them solutions they need and they will pay you handsomely.
  • Make sure your customers are invested in you: "One Click Shopping" represents more than the pushing of a button...It represents trust, value, uniqueness and intimate knowledge of your customer. Like a good tailor that has all your sizes and tastes; it is very hard for the Suit Superstore to compete with that relationship!


So, to be the content and own the content  requires building a sustainable sales platform and infrastructure that does not re-assemble itself for each new project. Build your company as "one continual project" and then when you find your next "Hula-Hoop"; You will have millions of new customers who grow old with you. Customers are more like milk than wine. ..They can spoil quickly, but if nurtured they can become better with age!


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