Anton's Direct Talk

Anton's Direct Talk

Over One Billion Dollars Sold

Are you ready "after" the phone rings?

I have worked with many clients that  do not understand the critical nature of the call center. In fact, many manufacturers and even experienced marketers  turn success into failure after the phone rings!



So, they become "Hula-Hoop" companies...But the next hula-hoop is hard to find...Here are some of the common things that put clients in the hula-hoop business:


  • Poor conversions in the call center...if your call center closes at 15% instead of 30% you just doubled your CPO (cost per order) on the same CPC (Cost per Call).
  • Your call center can only close hard offers (disclose full price in ad)...For example, a "free trial" may produce 5 times the number of calls as a hard offer in the ad. If your call center reps are good and have the right scripts they might be able to close 20% of these calls instead of 40% where the price is disclosed. But since you get 5 times the calls and have only 1/2 the close rate...You end up with (5 X 1/2= 2.5) 2.5 times more orders...And rollout potential!
  • Your call center can't upsell effectively...Let say your lead item is only $19.95 to get the phone to ring...But you add premium services and ancillary products and create an average ticket of $80 because of upselling. I have seen many a program fail or succeed based on this...
  • Do you have a call monetization strategy in place?...Lets say 20% close rates in your call center...What do you do with the 80% that were interested but did not buy? I have put in place partnerships and strategies that double the revenue per call by monetizing these unclosed calls...
  • The importance of recurring revenue is often over looked...If I have a $49 vitamin that I give away for enrollling the customer in a in a Healthy Living Club...And, my agents close this 50% of the time...I have just added at least $100 per call in revenue over the next 120 days. And my allowable CPC just tripled!


You get the idea...If you optimize every element of your direct campaign; creative, offer, fufillment, returns, media cost and conversions then you can absorb a higher media cost per call and still be successful...And, next thing you know you can have a much higher success rate per dollar tested...This can translate into millions of dollars year after year.


We approach our client relationships with this in mind at BrandSeed Group...It is critical to optimize every element of the campaign which can turn good products into the next hula-hoop!


Chuck Anton

President & CEO

BrandSeed Group, LLC




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