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The secret to a high batting average

The most successful direct marketing companies and great baseball hitters  understand when to swing for the fences and how to get the bat on the ball. In recent years successful campaigns are hard to find ("only" 1 in 20 infomercials succeed), but a few companies have a much greater success rate. These repeat successes are not a matter of luck...There are some key ways to "make your bat bigger" and to "slow down the pitch". The result is a higher batting average and the ability to turn singles and doubles into home-runs !

Great baseball teams and great direct marketing companies share common fundamental elements that make their winning percentages high year after year. The following are some of the key elements that will allow you to win more and hit it out of the park:


  • Have a great scouting system : Find the great products and great people before the competition.
  • Have a great farm club : Have a way to test inexpensively and gain experience with each campaign.
  • Have great managers and coaches : Maximize each campaign by optimizing every sales channel.
  • Give players all the tools for success : Use technology to drive down costs and drive-up response.
  • Get hits, fill the bases and score : Profits in Direct Response are a result of managing every detail.
  • Fill the seats and keep them coming back : Attract  new customers and maximize their lifetime value.


At BrandSeed we have run many successful campaigns for our clients. One of our key objectives in each project is to build a platform for our clients so they can maximize their hit rate and repeat their successes with a sustainable competitive advantage into the future. We are part of the clients team and we only win when they win!
If you have a product you are bringing to market or one that is already seeing action... We would like to see if we can help you turn singles and doubles into the next home-run...
Chuck Anton

President & CEO

BrandSeed Group, LLC



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