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Clicks or Phone Calls? ...Ask Apple!

In the multi-channel world of today's direct marketing many product launches drive interest but not action.  Action in the world of direct marketing ultimately means making the cash register ring. The more it rings the more you can spend on advertising to drive "profitable" revenues. Clicks and calls have very different values and  if you are creating "call friction"  you are leaving a lot of money on the table  . Steve Jobs figured out the power of a friction-less phone and the cash register keeps on ringing!



Here are a few ways to create your own "friction free" phone and make the cash register ring:

  • Drive phone calls not just clicks...Your design and technology should drive people to call you easily without fear!
  • Your offer needs to build the value of the phone call...Call us today to get your free sample/special discount or for a free consultation.
  • After the phone rings create value...A good call center and good script is the "killer app" that can be the difference between success and failure.
  • People make sales not computers...There is no substitute for knowledgeable and caring communication with your customers...Identifying needs and offering solutions.
  • Sales without people comes at a price...If you are selling a big brand cheaper than anyone else then you will live in that tough world (no people needed and no margins achieved). If you are selling something unique with a unique value proposition then a phone call could put you in the "Apple Zone".
  • All channels can be enhanced with a phone option...Every channel can be enhanced with a well designed call to action that drives phone calls and when they work together you create magic.


Understanding the value of driving phone calls is a key to successful product launches and sustained sales growth.There is nothing more "viral" than satisfied customers using your product. The tools available to us to market cheaply across multiple touch points offer tremendous opportunity and challenges. So, when you design your next direct marketing campaign create a "friction-less" transactional platform...  And, don't forget the power of people and the phone!


Chuck Anton

President & CEO

BrandSeed Group, LLC



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