Anton's Direct Talk

Anton's Direct Talk

Over One Billion Dollars Sold

The best media channel picks itself!

Over the years I have launched many products for worldwide brands and small inventors who have become large brands. I have done this across multiple channels; Print, Radio, TV, Direct Mail and The Internet (encompasses email, banners, contextual selling, chat and social media). 



In recent years, I get the same question and/or conclusion from clients even before we run our first test ad...

  • I need to be on the Internet or I need to utilize social media!  
  • Does anyone even read magazines anymore?
  • Isn't radio a thing of the past?


You get the idea...So, here are a few of  ANTON'S LAWS of MEDIA PLACEMENT :


  1. Consumers are consumers...The unique selling proposition does not change because of the media and  consumers don't become different people when they put down their newspapers and begin browsing the Internet.
  2. The best media is that which can be tested the quickest, cheapest and has the best roll out potential.
  3. The goal of any campaign is to maximize profitable revenues in "ALL" channels.
  4. If you can't measure it don't run the ad!
  5. The best media source is the one that produces the most sales per ad dollar spent and many times a "less sexy" media source can be priced right and produce millions in profitable sales.
  6. Anything is a potential media source as long as it generates sales...I once negotiated with General Mills to put my ad on the back of their cereal boxes on a PI basis...Lots of cereal boxes, captive audience and better than any social media buy I have ever seen!


So, at the end of the day...The media channel picks itself and if you can develop low cost media relationships they can be a source of millions of dollars in revenues and success year after year.


Chuck Anton

President & CEO

BrandSeed Group, LLC



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