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Anton's Direct Talk

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Win at blackjack and direct marketing?

When I was in college and an engineering student...I loved to play blackjack. I was great at math and learned to count cards which gave me an edge on the house. In fact, I got kicked out of a couple of casinos in Atlantic City although I wasn't cheating, but because I was winning !


After graduating from school as an engineer; I kept playing blackjack on weekends while  at Philip Morris as an operation research analyst. My friends and I kept winning on weekends after a number of drives up to Atlantic City. A few years later I took the entrepreneural leap into direct marketing with my first product a wireless speaker that subsequently "after a lot of learning" sold millions of dollars. 


So, my two loves were blackjack and direct marketing although I didn't like any other casino games . A few years into building my first direct marketing company I realized why  my blackjack experience was a great asset to my direct marketing business.


Here are the keys to success of any direct marketing campaign or a profitable blackjack session:


  • Know your hand and what cards are left in the deck...just like in direct response you need to understand when to "double-down" by analizing your tests and rollout potential.                                                   
  • A good card counter knows when there a lot of good cards left in the deck and bets low when the deck is negative and bets high when it is postive. In direct response marketing the key to success is testing cheaply (small bets) and rolling out quickly when you have a wiinning deck (large bets)...Lose with the small money and win with the big money!


  • Play at the games where you have an edge on the house and be fully prepared to take advantage of a good hand. In direct response you create your own deck of cards and it is not luck when you win if you increase your odds by minimnizing the cost of playing (low media costs)...


  • And  multiply your winnings by monetizing every element of your good hand/campaign with good creative, good analysis, smart rollout strategies and monetizing every inquiry!


So, IF LIKE ME YOU DON'T LIKE GAMBLING...Play at games where you have an advantage and you will win in the long run. If you approach direct response marketing like blackjack and make the deck favorable by paying attention to every detail. ..then you will win over and over again!


Chuck Anton

President & CEO

BrandSeed Group, LLC




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